Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Despite the name "laser skirmish" there are actually no lasers used. The use of the word "laser" is simply a marketing term. Instead of shining visible light, the units emit invisible, harmless infrared light, just like the infrared used in many TV remote controls. There are risks with playing, as in any outdoors activity such as tripping hazards or insect bites. A full safety briefing will be conducted before each session. Each staff member holds a first aid certificate and Blue Card. We will not tolerate physical contact nor any behaviour that could cause injury to any person.

Who Can play?

The recommended minimum playing age is 10 years but younger children can play if accompanied by an adult and remain supervised at all times.

No experience or skill is required. Suitable for everyone!


Session lengths vary and include registration, uniform fittings, briefings, equipment setup, debriefings and breaks. A session will have at least 3 games. The length of each game and breaks may vary depending on the number of players and the field conditions.


Session bookings, confirmation and any changes must be done through Headquarters. Please call 0417 024747, fax 4936 4441 or Bookings are strongly recommended for Open Sessions. For parties, private and group bookings a non-refundable deposit may be required. Your booking is not reserved or confirmed until you have paid your deposit. For more information about how you can book your session please click here

Registration and Payment

A registration form (membership form) will need to be completed for each player. The form must be signed and witnessed by an adult or guardian if participant is under 18. The form can be downloaded here. These forms may be faxed to 4936 4441 no later than 24 hrs prior to play or handed in to staff at the field.

Pre-pay the balance of your booking using the Deposit Form or pay on the field. We accept personal cheques or direct deposit for prepayments. Cash only is accepted on the battlefield. If you are the organiser of your group, you will be responsible for collecting all completed Registration Forms and payments.

What do I wear?

Fully enclosed footwear and long pants covering the ankles are mandatory. Camouflage coveralls may be hired for a small fee. We recommend you wear comfortable clothes that can be worn underneath the coveralls. You may wear your own clothes or uniform. Please note that some popular coverall sizes might run out and uniforms may not always be available. We provide special hats to all players for team designation and to mount the sensors on.

What do I get?

You get to use the latest technology Laser Skirmish weapons and all the ammunition you will need. You will get a choice of weapons (subject to availability) and the price is the same regardless of weapon used. Experienced referees will supervise each game and provide equipment, safety and mission briefings. Camo T-shirt or long sleeve shirt are included for use on the battlefield. Hats and bandannas for fixing the sensors on are provided. Coveralls are available for hire for a small fee.

What if it rains?

We play, unless there is a thunderstorm in the vicinity. The weapons are water resistant and generally some rain adds to the excitement and realism. It is suggested you bring a change of clothes for after the games if it looks like you will get soggy. We reserve the right to cancel a session due to weather conditions. If we have to abandon play, we will reschedule the game to the next available session.

Drink and Food?

Drinks (soft drinks and bottled water) are available for purchase on site. You are welcome to bring your own. If you need catering or just a BBQ hire, please discuss at the time of your booking.


Please don't take any valuables to the field when you play. We hold no responsibility for missing items. When you finish playing, always check the camouflage uniform's pockets before you drop it in the laundry bag.

More people?

Priority will be given to people who have made a booking and paid the deposit. We will accomodate extra people provided there are spots available after all paid bookings have been registered.

More questions?

Please don't hesitate to call 0417 024747 or email

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